Don’t Be

Don’t say it when you don’t mean it
Don’t say it for formality sake
Don’t promise when you can’t fulfill it
Don’t underestimate one’s potential
Don’t undermine others
Don’t think you are better than anyone else
Don’t think you are always right

Be humble
Be confident
Be yourself
Be loving
Be accepting
Be the one who knows there are others who are better than you
Be the one who accepts failure and admits that you can be wrong
Be the one who loves unconditionally
Be the one who respects others

A new chapter.

Yesterday marks the first day of a new chapter and coincidentally, it had been exactly three months since I was left my previous employment. The last three months have taught me nothing but valuable life lessons that made me a better person than I was before. Two months ago, I was complaining and whining about how life was unfair towards me and things were just evolving from bad to worse as the days went by.

But as I walked through the journey, I realized that it was not bad at all. In fact, I discovered a new side of me that I never knew existed.

My soulmate consistently reminded me that everyone will go through a phase where one will hit rock bottom and it’s up to them to rise up and get back on their feet and soar. He told me to love myself. I hold those words dear to me and I start to see the world in a different light. I really felt like I am reborn and is given a chance to soar higher than before.