I began to look within myself and I could see how all of the challenges in my relationship was a reflection of my loveless thoughts and the lack of connection I had with myself. I was only focusing on my external life with no awareness of my internal landscape, which is not just our body but also our thoughts and emotions. When I was ready to look at it, I saw that my thoughts and emotions were based on lack, fear, doubt, and limitation.

The way we treat ourselves will affect how others treat us. The truth is, I wasn’t giving to myself what I wanted from someone else. I wasn’t giving myself the love and attention that I wanted. Everything I was withholding from myself I was looking for to the other person and was not getting it. I wasn’t taking care of myself — I was choosing to focus all of my attention on taking care of others or taking care of “the relationship” and trying to fix it.

We are meant to live to our full potential and when we do so, we allow our relationships to be the fullness that they can be as well. The universe lines us up with experiences that will allow us to make new choices and break out of old patterns, which is a deeply liberating experience and one in which we discover our power and the connection with the loving force within us and around us that is constantly nudging us and guiding us to our right thoughts, and our right actions and right choices.

Ditto. And I smiled.